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Our Philosophy

With the ever increasing rate of obsolescence of computer equipment, it is absolutely imperative that every business obtains a high rate of return for their technology investment dollars.

Less complex technology implementations first of all cost less, they are far less expensive to maintain and the end-user training and learning experience is much greater - like a 'volkswagen of old', simplified technology still gets you from A to B in reasonable comfort.

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If you are looking for straight-shooting and unbiased advice on small database developments, particularly as an alternative to spreadsheets, talk to us first.

In conjunction with small network support, we specialise in developing database applications to suit particular business needs.

We believe strongly in keeping things simple, but that never means a compromise on functionality or robustness to suit your existing computer systems.

Our competitors will attempt to up-sell you on database applications for small business which inevitably means that hardware and operating system software needs to be upgraded and/or replaced.

The rate of return on your computer development investment dollars, and in particular, short development and implementation timetables, ease of use, low maintenance and a design that will easily facilitate future modifications and enhancements (and there are always changes to be made).

Those are the important considerations !! And what should not be a consideration is whether it looks and runs like a 'ferrari'.

Don't let the IT industry fool you into believing that implementing the latest and greatest database technologies is the only way to go - speak to some 'volkswagen dealers of old' - like us first before you commit your hard earned dollars to any database developments.